Tuition, Fees & Pro-rate Info


Fall, Winter & Spring (10 weeks)

  • $265* 1st child
  • $165* 1st Sib/2nd child
  • 3rd child - free with enrolled sibling(s) 
  • Babies under 8 months - free with enrolled sibling(s) 

Summer (6 - 8 weeks - varies) 

  • $205 - $235 1st child
  • $105 1st Sib/2nd child
  • 3rd child - free with enrolled sibling(s) 
  • Babies under 8 months - free with enrolled sibling(s) 


  • $15  New family registration fee (only applies the first time you ever join Music Together®).

Price Increases

Tuition pricing is subject to change at any time. Increases occur on an as-needed basis. Prices will also vary by location based on area cost of living and due to length of semester. 

Discounts for Consecutive Enrollment (returning families)

  • Returning families enjoy a consecutive enrollment discount of $8 off (summer) $10 off (fall, winter, spring) - for consecutive enrollment from the previous semester.
  • Familes must have a previous active enrollment within the last 6 months to receive a returning family discount. 

Referral Discount

  • If you are currently enrolled and you refer a new family - you both get a $15 referral bonus. 
  • Please have the new family list your name in the referral comments during the registration process.
  • Once verified, both current family and new family will recieve $15 credits to their account. 

Pro-rate Calculations

Music Together's impact on children and families is ideal when all the classes offered in the semester are attended. 

Regular attendance gives your child the most robust support to grow as a musical person and research continues to support that repitition is a key factor. 

Building relationships with music and with people takes time so we stress using all the time you enrolled for! 

The next best thing to joining at the beginning of the session is:

-joining as soon as you can

-attending class as much as possible once you are enrolled - taking full advantage of make-ups provided (doubling classes each week until you are caught up)  

-continuing with us through early childhood to ensure that musical neural pathways are well forged 

Early childhood is the time when the brain is most primed for music learning - the sooner the better for those developing brains! 

Got it - I'm ready to REGISTER!

Here's a handy-dandy chart for calculating what the pro-rate would be if you are a new family joining us at any point in the session: 

Week 1 - $265 - the best value per class! 

Week 2 - $250

Week 3 - $235

Week 4 - $220

Week 5 - $205

Week 6 - $190

Week 7 - $175

Week 8 - $160

Joining in week 9 or 10 is not recommended. It's recommended that you call in 512-632-6695 and see about getting signed up for a free demo asap and getting early registration for the next semester instead.  

Discounts are calculated automatically at check-out. 

Pro-rate calculation considerations: There are fixed fees associated with putting on our classes that cannot be discounted or pro-rated, for this reason - only a portion of the average class cost is eligible to be 'discounted' when classes are missed/not attended. 

The price per class goes up the longer you wait to enroll in order to encourage everyone to start at the beginning where the educational value is the greatest for the collection of songs each semester. We discourage families from using the pro-rate system to get 'discounted' classes. 10 weeks of classes with each collection is the best educational value based on research in early learning. The cost eventually becomes prohibitive, this is on purpose. We encourage you to enjoy other music making activities while you wait a few weeks for the new semester to begin. 

If you have a special circumstance or would like to pursue tuition assistance, please contact us. 

The last 2 weeks of the session will continue to be closed to new students.  

During weeks 9 & 10, please RSVP for a free demo class  coming up in the next FREE DEMO WEEK preceding the next semester. 

**Pro-rates are taken off automatically during registration. 

**Pro-rates DO NOT apply to sibling fees. Pro-rates are applied  per family only.  Sibling rates are already priced at a generous discount and pro-rates are offered - per family only - not per student. 

**NO pro-rates are available for our Summer 6 week session. Pro-rate applies to Summer 8 week semester classes. Late joins will be accepted, but missed classes are encouraged to be made up using our flexible make-up policy. Ideally - you will strive to attend all classes to maximize classroom hours with the song collection, support your child's acclimation to the routine of class and enjoy lots of hands on practice with our instruments/props and activities. 

Got it - I'm ready to REGISTER!

Still have questions - give us a call! 512-632-6695 (also text friendly).