Tuition & Fees


Spring/Summer (combined semester - online only) 

  • $280- 1 family fee for unlimited classes and engagements until Aug 18th. 

Fall (12 weeks - combo of online/in-person where/when available) 

  • $350 - 1 family fee for 12 weeks - combo (unlimited online and one in-person class per week)
  • $240 - 1 family fee for 12 weeks - online only (unlimited access to all classes and online content) 
  • $300 - 1 family fee for 12 weeks - in person only (1 studio class per week - if available) 


  • $15  New family registration fee - no waivers as we are acclimating families to all new technology usage and support

Price Increases

Tuition pricing is subject to change at any time. Increases occur on an as-needed basis. Prices may also need to vary by location based on evolving circumstances surrounding Covid-19. 

Discounts Program is currently on HOLD (may return in Fall 2020)

Referral Program is currently on HOLD (may return in Fall 2020)

Pro-rating is currently on HOLD: We are not able to offer pro-rates again until Fall 2020 or later -  since online classes are currently - unlimited (during lockdown Covid-19 semester - Maracas)

Music Together®'s impact on children and families is ideal when families incorporate music into everyday life. A little bit of music each day is recommended.  Listening to the recording, playing a video, attending class, singing in the tub, putting music on for a dance party etc. Something musical everyday. You become the SME - Subject Matter Expert when you SME do Something Music Everyday. 

Regular attendance gives your child the most robust support to grow as a musical person and research continues to support that repitition is a key factor. 

Building relationships with music and with people takes time so we stress using all the time you enrolled for! 

The next best thing to joining at the beginning of the session is:

-joining as soon as you can

-attending class as much as possible once you are enrolled - taking full advantage of your 3 classes per week PLUS the unlimited make-ups and video resources we provide

-continuing with us through early childhood to ensure that musical neural pathways are well forged 

Early childhood is the time when the brain is most primed for music learning - the sooner the better for those developing brains! 

Got it - I'm ready to REGISTER!

Still have questions - give us a call! 512-632-6695 (also text friendly).