At tuneBugz! we join with Music Together® Worldwide on the mission to make the world a better place by making it more musical. tuneBugz! offers Austin families the very best start in music development that begins at home and in your community. We unlock they science behind early childhood music education for Austin's parents and beloved caregivers and weekly groups classes to practice what we learn - a full range of community support ATX style! High-quality, research-based music and movement classes for babies, toddlers and preschoolers are happening all over Austin because - music is LIFE!  We plant seeds of musical growth so that Austin's children have access to the very best community-based music and movement education as they grow.  


Community Support

Each of our music class locations is a small intentionally-built music community with its own vibe and culture.  We believe that rising tides should lift all boats so, when you enroll at tuneBugz! you are actively contributing to keeping vibrant and ecclectic music and movement arts thriving in your community!   Your enrollment funds our scholarships and outreach programs and helps support our working musician teachers. Your enrollment directly benefits your community!


Latest News

Mar 19, 2020
Music Together Now ONLINE!

Our Music Together classes will now be offered 100% online to continue to support our families in this troubling time for distancing. 

Please join online today and receive quality - research-based - music and movement instruction with trained teachers! 

Spring Maracas collection starts online April 5th - register today


Celebrating 10 Years!

Happy Anniversary to Us! We're celebrating 10 AMAZING Musical Years in Austin! 

Mar 11, 2020
tuneBugz! Starts April 5th
Questions we are getting about Music Together Online at tuneBugz! and how we are responding to our homebound families:
Q: What if I want to keep my small class with just friends from my neighborhood or just in South Austin for example - can I do that?
A: YES! We are keeping class sizes small and intentional if that's what you want. You will have the ability to stay in your small group OR join a larger international or specialty class as you wish!
Q: Do you have an international class with families from all over the world?
A: YES! We have sister Music Together centers in California, New York, Canada, Australia, and even friends in Brazil tuning in and forming international classes with us!
Q: What if I'm parenting without using screen time?
A: GREAT! We can show you how to support music development while connecting with your community without screens in your child's awareness! We are supporting screen free parents in small screen free class groups!
Q: How do I learn more about what is offered?
A: Register online and a representative will call you and get you set up in the classes of your preference.
It's a beautiful time to make Music Together Online with tuneBugz! We use ZOOM technology and secure login and restricted access to keep our online community safe - and making music in a way that let's you choose your own adventure but also know you are always in control!


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