Covid-19 Safety Measures

tuneBugz! is committed to following city, state and federal guidelines for safety in our classes. 

Our outdoor classroom set up will include:

-access to handwashing/restroom/changing station in the clean and air conditioned restrooms inside at Balance

-clear visuals for keeping safe distance between you and other families 

-each family spot will be safely distanced and clearly marked at 10 to 25 ft from the teacher, and 8ft to 10 ft from blanket to blanket

-limited numbers of disposable masks will be available on site but parents are required to bring and wear a mask that should be comfortable to sing in 

-all instruments and props are single family use only, each instrument set will only be used by 1 family for the day then de-commissioned for cleaning/sanitizing

-families are encouraged to bring their own blanket, hat, sunscreen, even their own play-yard or pack n' play as you will need to prevent crawlers/toddlers/wanaderers from approaching other families and the teacher - this will be challenging - we even welcome strollers in class! 

-families are asked to work together with kindness and grace as we navigate this new situation and work to keep each other safe and protect each other 

Requirements from parents:

-do not come to class if you have come into contact with anyone who is sick or has Covid-19 

-you will be required to submit to temp checks at the door

- do not attend class if anyone in your group has a fever of 99.7 or higher

-you will need to sign a waiver/release/ statement of health at each class

-maintain 6 ft of physical distance between your family and other families

-wear face-coverings at all feasible times 


City of Austin Protect Yourself from Covid-19 by: 
-avoiding close contact with people who are sick
-washing your hands often with soap and water for minimum 20 seconds
-when handwashing not available use an alcohol-based sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol
-not touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands
-practice social distancing and avoiding gatherings and non-essential trips
-wearing a face covering when in public


Indoors at Balance 

The staff at Balance Dance has done a tremendous job fortifying their facility against the spread of Covid-19. You should feel safe going indoors for water fountain, hand-washing, diaper changing and using the restroom. To review the extensive safety measures in place at Balance,  click here