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Dripping Springs @ Mama Melli's Farm

10802 Kit Carson Drive
Austin, TX 78737


Another amazing trek back in time to the 1850s. These outdoor & farmhouse classes are nestled in the live oaks on 30+ acres of wild acreage between Oak Hill and Dripping Springs - with farm neighors like Mama Melli's Childcare and The Butterfy Garden Forest Kindergarten. Families come to experience a simpler - slower pace of life as we make Music Together® in the 1850's log cabin (and former 1 room schoolhouse). Another 30 acre working farm and agricultural preserve, you'll enjoy opportunity to make music in the cabin, (heated and open air - all windows open) or out on the front lawn singing with the goats! Etiher way you are surrounded by the sights, sounds and beauty of nature and a simple way of life. 

PLEASE NOTE! This is a rustic, destination class for families looking for the experience of farm life etc... On your way from your car to the cabin - you may be greeted by chickens, ducks, goats and other farm animals etc... so be prepared to 'get some nature on you'.  You are free to play in the yard/on the swing after class and visit the animals on the fence line before and/or after class, please NO touching or feeding the animals!  

PLEASE wear rainboots or other appropriate shoes on rainy days - the road is NOT paved or maintained by city and gets very muddy when it rains (we leave shoes outside the cabin on the porch if they are muddy), so wear your funny socks too! 



You will find Mama Melli's just off of 290 West behind Nutty Brown Cafe. 

NAVIGATION SYSTEMS DO NOT take you all the way down the hill to the gate/driveway - some of them stop you short halfway down the hill! This is wrong - please continue all the way down to the bottom of the hill and stop at the sharp rt turn - that's us!  

When you leave - PLEASE exit back out the way you came in on Kit Carson - we do not recommend the exit toward Rim Rock/290. 


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Dripping Springs @ Mama Melli's Farm