RK - Ages 4-8 - Online

Cindy Haws-Rice
tuneBugz! Online - Private Zoom Room: Zoom# 882 8543 7347 - RK Thursday 5 pm w/Cindy (location info)
Thursday, 5:00 PM - 5:30 PM
04/08/21 - 06/10/21 (10 weeks)


Rhythm Kids is segmented into two programs, one for Pre-k aged children ages 4–5 - RK Level 1 and the other for children in Kindergarten, first, and second grades - RK Level 2
Both are designed to help children integrate and assimilate rhythm, and include:
  • Learning multicultural drumming patterns in unique animal-themed groupings
  • Developing new repertoire on various percussion instruments
  • Exploring movement and dance while singing songs
  • Playing games based on music and drumming
Our Instruments - Although we typically use djembe drums in our classes, Rhythm Kids is way more than just a drumming class as our main focus is to develop rhythm using the voice, the body and then translating this honed musicality to the djembe (or other drum). Classes include singing, movement, rhythm activities, games, improvisation, and drumming patterns. Children learn and experience the drum patterns in chant form first and then transfer that learning into drumming and movement and culturally specific dances. 
The Music & Curriculum - Rhythm Kids is a three-year curriculum and the rhythm patterns taught in our classes are adapted from cultures all around the world including; Ghana, Puerto Rico, Morocco, Mali, Guinea, Columbia, Senegal, Nigeria and many others. Singing along to the music is easy as it is pitched just right for children's voices. The music arrangements are fun, sophisticated, and both children and grownups enjoy listening and practicing at home.   The benefits of music in a child's life are long lasting and we hope our classes will bring music and happiness to your child, to your family and to your community for many, many years!

Upcoming Meetings
04/15/21    5:00 PM Thursday Drop-In 04/15/21 5:00 PM Drop-In
04/22/21    5:00 PM Thursday Drop-In 04/22/21 5:00 PM Drop-In
04/29/21    5:00 PM Thursday Drop-In 04/29/21 5:00 PM Drop-In
05/06/21    5:00 PM Thursday 05/06/21 5:00 PM
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06/10/21    5:00 PM Thursday 06/10/21 5:00 PM