How young do you start children in your classes?

We start children as soon as the parent feels ready to introduce their new baby in social settings.

Are all your locations the same?

No. We offer classes in a range of environments to suit any preference. We offer traditional music and movement spaces like - dance studios (large studios) and music school group classrooms (smaller/intimate spaces) but we also offer 'destination' classes where the environment is a key factor for many families. Our farmhouse, farm school locations and educational co-operative spaces give families a chance to make music in a natural setting where they are invited to pet/feed the animals - enjoy the grounds and/or be immersed in an alternative education community. All families are welcome at all locations but parents have the option to choose the environment that best suits your family. We also offer classes online in Zoom. 

What age are your classes for?

Our Music Together® classes serve babies, toddlers, preschoolers and school age children up through kinder age. Rhythm Kids classes serve ages 4 to 8 in two levels.  

How many children are in each class?

Average class size is 9 to 10 children. Min - 6 families. Max is 12 families (with 2 extra spots for make-ups). 

What are your semesters?

Our classes run in semesters based on the 4 seasons. Fall, Winter & Spring are typically 10 to 12 weeks. Summer is typically 6 to 8 weeks. 

Enrollment is almost always open and you can join any a class at any time - we do take 7 to 10 day break between each season. 

How long is a class?

Each class is approximately 30 mins for online and outdoor class, traditional indoor studio classes are 45 mins. 

Can I try a class before registering?

Yes! We offer free demos - click here to view current demo openings. If no free sample are available - you will need to purchase a drop-in class for $15 to try it out. 

Can one parent bring more than one child?

Yes!  Parent/Child classes just need 1 adult that the children are bonding with to accompany them, but more are always welcome! Just know there are no spectators in our classes in person or online so, grown-ups are expected to come into class ready to sing and dance along!

Can a Grandmother, Uncle or Nanny bring my child on a regular basis?

Yes, but we still encourage parents or primary caregivers to get involved by singing the songs at home and in the car with their child. 

The grown-up bringing the child to class should be prepared to model singing, dancing and instrument play with your child. It is especially important for the grown up attending to be fully invested in the support of the child which means playing with them in class.  Teachers expect participation and modeling from all caregivers while in the classroom regardless of ability and regarless if we are online, outdoors or in a studio. 

How much does it cost for a semester?

Tuition fluctuates based on the number of weeks in the session but the average cost for a semester for 1 child is $250. Tuition cost includes all educational support, take-home and online materials and unlimited make-up classes.

Do I have to choose just one class and then always attend that class?

To facilitate community bonding, you should plan to attend at the same time/day every week. However, changes happen and we make every effort to accommodate for special circumstances but generally speaking the child enrolled will need to attend the same day and time for the entirety of the session but we can change your schedule at anytime if something comes up. 

If we miss a class, can we make it up?

Yes. Make-ups within the current semester are unlimited. Each family may schedule up to two make-ups per semester online using our nifty make-up scheduler.  Make-ups can be scheduled and used before or after an absence. To make-up a class you simply schedule to join another class in progress on a day and time that works based on availability.  Make-ups are on a first come, first served basis. It is the responsibility of the family to attend all their classes or schedule their makeups. At the end of the semester, there are no refunds or rebates for missed classes. 

Can we join a class that has already begun?

Yes! You can join a class that is already going - at any time!  Please visit the Tuition, Fees & Pro-rate Policy page for pro-rate information.  

Do I have to sing?

Yes! Our classes are based on the adults modeling music making for and with your child. But, relax! This is non-performance oriented and you don't have to be a great singer to present a good model as a music maker for your child. We recognize that you are your child's best role model and you are the context through which they learn about their world. So, we do ask all attending adults to sing and move with us to the best of their ability. Think of yourself more as a translator than a performer and you'll do great! The good news is that your voice is your child's very favorite (regardless of how you feel about your singing voice).  It is important to focus on participation for yourself AND your child. While the teacher is focused on activities that grow with the children as their skills emerge, the class is not goal or results oriented. Just have fun trying! 

Do we play instruments in class?

Yes! We use a variety of instruments and props for use during each class. The instruments vary each week and are age-appropriate and child-safe for all of the children while under adult supervision. Hands on experience is so key to children making music and yes we do a lot of instrument petting at tuneBugz! but the primary focus in early music learning is in the body so we sing and move our bodies to the beat too. All instruments are single use and are sanitized between each use. For babies and toddlers still mouthing instruments...we know this is age appropriate but we ask that you bring your own instrument set to class or 'foster' a set from us. 

What kind of music do you use in class?

Song content varies by the type of class you are enrolled in but you can expect around 25 rich and varied songs, chants, riddles and rhymes from traditional to modern in a multitude of genres and geographical origin - in all of our classes.

Do all your classes have the same music?

For Music Together classes - we use 3 year curriculum that contains nine song collections. A family would have to attend steadily for three years before repeating a song collection. Many do the full 9 collections and then start over infant grows into 3 year old, but we don't stop practicng and learning music. Rounding the horn is quite an achievement which opens a whole new world growth the 2nd time through!  All Music Together classes all over the world will be using the same song collections at the same time each semester. You are joining a global music community when you enroll in Music Together! 

Do you have a question not covered here? Call at 512-632-6695 or email Amber at director@tunebugzmt.com