*Please read carefully - policies related to REFUNDS and Music Together® ONLINE are evolving due to the Covid-19 risk stage of our community. 

REFUNDS/CANCELLATION FEE: No refunds after the start of class. There is a cancellation fee of $50 if customer cancels prior to the first day of class. 


tuneBugz! ONLINE: Music Together and other tuneBugz! original progrogramming will be taught online as well as in person as soon as we are able. Thank you for your patience. It's important to understand your role in your child's privacy and safety while online. 


Online Privacy Agreement: By enrolling in the tuneBugz! you agree to usage policies for Facebook and Zoom but also agree to additional ‘no pictures/no recordings’ policy set forth by tuneBugz! LLC.   In registering for classes using Facebook and Zoom you are joining a public class at your own risk and you agree to be responsible for monitoring the engagement for your child and controlling your own privacy settings in all applications. Parents should never leave children unattended  during our online classes. Parents are required to attend classes with and for their children. The teacher and Zoom host must be able to confirm your identity in class both visually and by the use of your email address registered in Zoom. Once identity is confirmed, we do expect parents to sing and dance along with your child as suggested and modeled by the teacher for the best experience but we do understand things happen and you'll need to hide your video from time to time. Just like our studio classes in person, this is a parent/child class but now that we are in your home with cameras.... you are in charge of your signal coming to us and the rest of the class. 


tuneBugz! does not record Zoom classes  except in the case of training. If you miss a class - we encourage you to re-play our Facebook live presentations and sing and dance along with those, watch any of the videos on the Parent Portal available each week or sign up for a live make-up class.   By enrolling in in classes online you agree to hold tuneBugz! LLC and Music Together Worldwide harmless and agree to monitor and protect your child in a way that is appropriate in any public online engagement according to usage agreements with Facebook and Zoom.  

Picture taking (of the screen) and recording the zoom class in whole or part is NOT permitted. Please do not take pictures of the screen - this is a violation of our mutual privacy agreement. We know - just like in class - that it is SO adorable and we are all happy to be online together but what makes our classes so special is that everyone feels safe to participate in class. If you take out your phone to take picture of the screen - you can expect everyone in class to see you taking a picture of them their child without askin and they may feel uncomfortable – not to mention we want you hands free for music making fun! We reserve the right to remove anyone from zoom class at at point, for any reason.