Tuition & Fees

Programs: Music Together® (mixed-age family class), Rhythm Kids & Song Inspired Art Class


Winter Semester ONLINE  - Dec 13th to March 13th (join anytime - pro-rate applies) 

$300 for one 30 min class online once per week for 12 weeks. (free sibs)

Pro-rate is $15 off per missed week - JOIN TODAY!  

Winter *Mini*Semester OPEN-AIR (covered/heated dancehall) - Feb 14th to March 27th 

$210 for one 30 min class once per week for 6 weeks. (free sibs)

*New families and families who do not have an active registration in the last 12 months are subject to registration fee of $15. 

Pro-rate is $15 off per missed week - JOIN TODAY!  

*All classes carry risk of cancellations, rainouts, severe weather etc.

We are unable to offer refunds for credits for missed or cancelled classes at this time.

Parents are responsible for scheduling their makeups for all cancelled or missed classes. 



If you wish to combine ONLINE and OUTDOORS for a discounted rate or need a custom enrollment for unique circumstances, we are happy to do this!

Please contact us with your request. We can customize our classes and pricing for your family!



Sidewalk Jam ~ Birthday Concert or Music Class for your Pod!  - $150 for 30 mins


Tuition and Fee Changes

Pricing of our services may need to be adjusted as we focus on the highest quality music education and the most supportive and flexible experience for our families as needs continue to change in the community. 

Tuition Assistance

If you have suffered job loss, have a Covid-19 related hardship, or are an essential or front line worker, please email and let us know - we would love to offer financial support.