Late Join Option and Pro-rate Policy

New! Late Join Option & Pro-rate Policy 

Music Together's impact on children and families is ideal when all the weeks offered in the semester are attended. 

Most of our sessions are offered as a 10 week semester. Attending all the classes offered is the ideal situation because the value of the program will be maximized for your child and your whole family!  Regular attendence gives your child the most robust support to grow as a musical person. Research in early childhood music development continues to show that repitition and hands-on experimentation with each song in a multitude of ways is the best support for lasting musical growth. Each week our trained and registered Music Together teachers create new and exciting ways to engage with all rich and varied music in the song collection. So, by attending class each week you not only make friends and deepen you own understanding of our research based methods but you also spend time modeling music making for your child and bonding with a joyful community of support. Building relationships with music and with people takes time and we believe the time to begin is always as soon as possible. 

The next best thing to joining at the beginning of the session is:

-starting as soon as possible!

-attending class as much as possible once you are enrolled - taking full advantage of make-ups provided

-continuing with us until neural pathways are well forged for all the wonders of music making! Early childhood is the time when the brain is most primed for music learning - the sooner the better for those developing brains! 

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We want to make the Music Together program as accessible as possible so we are now offering the following policy on joining classes already in progress: 

Missed week 1 - planning to start at the 2nd class. 1 make-up will be encouraged (no pro-rate applies)

Missed week 1 and 2 - planning to start at 3rd class. 2 make-ups will be encouraged (no pro-rate applies)

Missed weeks 1, 2 and 3 - planning to start at 4th class. 2 make-ups will be encouraged. (pro-rate applies for 1 class)

Missed 4 weeks - planning to start at 5th class. 2 make-ups will be encouraged. (pro-rate applies for 2 classes)

Missed 5 weeks - planning to start at 6th class. 2 make-ups will be encouraged. (pro-rate applies for 3 classes)

Missed 6 weeks - planning to start at 7th class. 2 make-ups will be encouraged. (pro-rate applies for 4 classes)

Missed 7 weeks - planning to start at 8th class. 2 make-ups will be encouraged. (pro-rate applies for 5 classes)

The last 2 weeks of the session will continue to be closed to new students.  We encourage you instead to RSVP for a free demo class (or 2) during our quickly approaching FREE DEMO WEEK preceding the next semester. Demo week offers a sample class environment where we include more onboarding support for families new to Music Together. 

**Please note that pro-rates are applied AFTER registration is received so please use PAY LATER function if you are registering after classes have begun so that pro-rate can be calculated and applied. 

**Additionally - pro-rates DO NOT apply to sibling registrations. Sibling rates are already priced at a generous discount and pro-rates will not be granted for late joins. 

Got it - I'm ready to REGISTER!

Still have questions - give us a call! 512-632-6695 (also text friendly).