photo Amber Nichols

Hello Everybody! Amber here - don'tcha know I have just loved music since I first heard my mother and father harmonizing  and playing music together as a baby.   I cut my teeth on bluegrass mixed with 60s/70s era folk but I remember vinyls of all genres of music. I'm talking ANYTHING from Gregorian Chant to Bach to Frank Zappa... a rich tapestry of influences for sure! From my earliest memories I have always been passionately focused on music and movement. From singing in choirs of different musical genres to show choir, sight singing competitions, gymnastics (floor exercise of course my fav - because - MUSIC!), break-dancing, tap, ballet - I have always been willing to try anything if it was music or movement related. This passion did not wane as I grew older either I have been a performer in and supporter of Austin’s unique music community for over 27 years and have loved watching it grow from a best kept secret to the rich multi-cultural music epicenter it is today.  3 music loving boys call me Mommy and I am so fortunate to be making music with the coolest and most diverse families in the most musical city on Earth.

photo Sara Nuttle

Sara is a recent transplant from Maryland to Austin, Tx! Life here suits her well - she's a singer/songwriter and she loves that her 'day job' is all about making music with Austin's littlest musicians and their supportive families.  Sara continues to surprise and delight us with her charming vocal style, silly peek-a-boos and her sweet ukulele "Lulu".  Sara has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Psychology and Studio Art and received her training and certification at the Center for Music and Young Children in Princeton, NJ - the "Mothership" of Music Together.  

When not at tuneBugz! Sara's out in ATX performing at weddings or Austin's classic venues, working on new paintings or collaborating on new music. See and hear what's new from Sara here on bandcamp.


photo Annissa Austin

We are thrilled to welcome Annissa as one of our newest Registered Music Together Teachers! Annissa has been observing classes all Summer and she completed her Music Together teacher training this Summer as well! Annissa's story is a classic tale of an alternative education minded mama yearning to give her children the gift of music outside the norm. Her search was over when she found Music Together at tuneBugz!  After attending many Music Together sessions at tuneBugz! and witnessing the impact on not only her children but on herself as a music maker - she was inspired to hit the books and study to become a Music Together certified teacher. Annissa has lived in Leander, Tx her whole life and has been a successful Earthschool advocate, nanny and nomadic un-schooler. She's excited to bring her magical Earth energy into focus on musical nurturing for all families in the Leander area. 

Annissa loves playing her sweet guitar "Lavvie" and when she's not singing and making music at tuneBugz! you'll find her out at the lake with her boys, getting centered at yoga or headed to a drum circle! 

Annissa is completing her apprecticship this Summer and will begin teaching her own Music Together classes this Fall. Keep your eyes out for free preview classes with her this August in Leander! 

  Tania Vona

Tania began singing before she could talk, crawling up to the box television to sing along with the theme song to the Young & The Restless, or so the story goes.  Tania continued singing in church and in a children's choir but then turned her focus to performing in an award winning variety show spanning 7 years. Tania continued throughout her 20's singing in a country band, chamber ensemble, solo vocal performances, acting/singing in musical theater. She also enjoyed traveling with a performance troupe educating youth about peer pressure topics through drama and popular music. 

Tania continues to perform locally and is honored to continue her voice study under Susan Lincoln, founder of Austin's beloved women's singing group,  The Hilde Girls. 

After a neck sugery threatened possible vocal paralysis Tania became even more driven to share her love of music. She completed her training with Music Together LLC and is now a registered teacher in apprenticeship at tuneBugz!